Many things effect your ring size

Many people notice a change in their ring size, sometimes even in the same day, and wonder why. There are many reasons for this to happen. Sometimes it’s a nice thing, you think it may be an unexpected (but welcomed) weight loss. It could also be due to the amount of activity/exercise you  had that day. But, more often,  it’s a change in the temperature.

In the heat your body retains water – helps keep you hydrated. Rings tend to feel tighter. People feel safer wearing them to the beach, or out doing activities during the day. However at night, when it cools down (or they enter the A/C) they may notice their rings once again feel loose.

In the cold your body does not retain the water. Blasts of colder, dryer air, winter sun exposure and over-heated homes and offices (or tons of sweaters) suck the moisture from your skin, in effect, dehydrating you (and your ring finger).

Whatever the reason, ring sizers are a great solution to the constant changes in ring finger size.


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The buzz on our 14 k gold filled Ring Guards

Ring Size Adjuster BuzzWe are always interested in what our customers have to say about our ring guards.  Every so often we do a search on our company name ( to see what the buzz is.  We look at discussions on boards and personal blogs to find out.

Here is just two examples of what our customers have said:

From LadyBugs blog:

I randomly ran across a thread about this in a sparkteam which I don’t even belong to (slowcooking for fast lives). Someone suggested buying a Ring Guard. I went to the website (
and ordered one (size small, in yellow gold). It arrived last night and I managed to put it on my ring with a pair of needlenosed pliars. It’s so awesome! I can barely even feel it, it’s not too tight or poking me at all. It matches my ring perfectly and is barely noticeable unless you look very closely at the palm of my hand.

From the blog post “No longer plus size”:

My wedding ring can’t be resized (It’s a fully engraved band) and is now about two sizes too big. I found these ring guards and they are awesome. You can’t really see it since it goes on the inside bottom of the band, and it makes me feel a lot less afraid that I’ll lose my ring. They are especially good “interim” sizers if you are waiting to have a ring sized till you lose more weight. Here’s the link…no, I don’t work for them or anything, they just made it possible to wear my ring a little longer.

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on ring guards

Most sites offer some sort of guarantee to their customers but none match our 100% 30 full day satisfaction guarantee.  We are so confident that you’ll love our ring guards that we offer this guarantee with NO questions asked! Even if you have put the ring guard on for 29 days and decide it’s not right for you. We offer 100% money back on the full product price (again, even if it is used!)- Just mail it back – It’s that easy!

Most places who offer a guarantee

  • only refund your money if the package has not been opened (we can’t imagine how you’d know if the ring guard isn’t right for you if you never try it).
  • Only offer you store credit in the amount of the purchase or
  • Take a restocking/ return fee.

Not us! When we say 100% satisfaction guarantee no questions asked – we mean it!

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Ring Guards now available in Canadian Dollars!

Yes it’s true! Due to popular demand (and the growth in our Canadian customer base) we now offer the option for Canadians to order using $CAD. Use your Canadian credit card and don’t worry about exchange rates or international bank fees. Canadians can now order here:

USA and International order can still be made here:

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Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

The difference between gold filled and gold plated ring guards

Gold Plated is a layer of gold plated to a base metal such as brass (usually via electroplating). This is usually a very thin layer, which is likely to wear quickly and is easy to scratch.  The gold film also naturally wears thin with time,
due to rubbing and exposure to skin salts, exposing the metal below. Gold plated can have the look of karat gold but is not recommended for constant wear.

Gold Filled has approx 100 times more gold than  plated. The technique of mechanically bonded layers of gold and a base metal is used. Gold filled looks and usually wears as well as karat gold, and should last under normal wear conditions, for a lifetime.  Our ring guards are 14k gold filled and the gold will not thin with constant wear, or if worn in water.

Here is more on Gold Jewelry you may find interesting:

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Swollen knuckles keeping you from wearing a ring?

Most jewelers are more then happy to adjust a ring two sizes in either direction.

  • Ring sizing does not weaken a ring however repeated sizing will make the ring thinner. Hard gold soldering takes tremendous heat and the chemicals and procedures to return the polished finish are harsh.

AND, you may only need a ring sized to get over your knuckles, then it may be too large and “roll” or “spin” on your finger. Not even a jeweler can help!

If your ring needs sizing to a smaller size, even AFTER passing over your knuckles, there is a perfect solution available to you.

ring guard ring wrapA ring wrap (also known as a ring guard) allows rings that need to be larger, to pass over the knuckles, fit snug on your finger.

ring guard Ring wraps are perfect solutions for occassional swelling when constantly sizing a ring can damage your ring (amd be expensive).

ring guard When rings have engravings or inscriptions you don’t want to lose – a ring wrap can allow you to still enjoy wearing it.

If your ring needs sizing to a larger size, there is little you can do but go to a jeweler and have it done professionally. Of course you can wear the ring on a different finger, but that isn’t always desirable (especially if it should be on the engagement finger).

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Post rate increase for Ring Guard orders

post on ring guardsYes it’s true!

The postal system is trying to capitalize on all the online shopping going on. People may not be sending as much “snail mail” these days, but online shopping (and shipping of items through the postal system) is on the rise.

Our own shipping is going up from $1.90 to $2.00. We will continue to send items the same way, through regular post, and the time to expect items will not change (5-14 days).

If your interested in express post options just email us for details – items make it to you within 3-5 days.

Our next change will be an increase in the cost of ring guards due to the increase of the value of gold. We haven’t increased our prices in 10 years but an increase of .25 cents is expected in the next few weeks. Be sure to order before they do!

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