The buzz on our 14 k gold filled Ring Guards

Ring Size Adjuster BuzzWe are always interested in what our customers have to say about our ring guards.  Every so often we do a search on our company name ( to see what the buzz is.  We look at discussions on boards and personal blogs to find out.

Here is just two examples of what our customers have said:

From LadyBugs blog:

I randomly ran across a thread about this in a sparkteam which I don’t even belong to (slowcooking for fast lives). Someone suggested buying a Ring Guard. I went to the website (
and ordered one (size small, in yellow gold). It arrived last night and I managed to put it on my ring with a pair of needlenosed pliars. It’s so awesome! I can barely even feel it, it’s not too tight or poking me at all. It matches my ring perfectly and is barely noticeable unless you look very closely at the palm of my hand.

From the blog post “No longer plus size”:

My wedding ring can’t be resized (It’s a fully engraved band) and is now about two sizes too big. I found these ring guards and they are awesome. You can’t really see it since it goes on the inside bottom of the band, and it makes me feel a lot less afraid that I’ll lose my ring. They are especially good “interim” sizers if you are waiting to have a ring sized till you lose more weight. Here’s the link…no, I don’t work for them or anything, they just made it possible to wear my ring a little longer.


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