Many things effect your ring size

Many people notice a change in their ring size, sometimes even in the same day, and wonder why. There are many reasons for this to happen. Sometimes it’s a nice thing, you think it may be an unexpected (but welcomed) weight loss. It could also be due to the amount of activity/exercise you  had that day. But, more often,  it’s a change in the temperature.

In the heat your body retains water – helps keep you hydrated. Rings tend to feel tighter. People feel safer wearing them to the beach, or out doing activities during the day. However at night, when it cools down (or they enter the A/C) they may notice their rings once again feel loose.

In the cold your body does not retain the water. Blasts of colder, dryer air, winter sun exposure and over-heated homes and offices (or tons of sweaters) suck the moisture from your skin, in effect, dehydrating you (and your ring finger).

Whatever the reason, ring sizers are a great solution to the constant changes in ring finger size.


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