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Post rate increase for Ring Guard orders

post on ring guardsYes it’s true!

The postal system is trying to capitalize on all the online shopping going on. People may not be sending as much “snail mail” these days, but online shopping (and shipping of items through the postal system) is on the rise.

Our own shipping is going up from $1.90 to $2.00. We will continue to send items the same way, through regular post, and the time to expect items will not change (5-14 days).

If your interested in express post options just email us for details – items make it to you within 3-5 days.

Our next change will be an increase in the cost of ring guards due to the increase of the value of gold. We haven’t increased our prices in 10 years but an increase of .25 cents is expected in the next few weeks. Be sure to order before they do!


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Holiday Shopping has Started!

It’s true! This past weekends sales made a huge jump. The holidays are on their way and I am happy to say it seems many will get a special RING this season.

Shhhh, don’t let on that you know but be sure to order your ring guards soon to be sure they arrive on time. We ask for 5-14 business days for items to arrive.

Our prices will remain the same during the holidays but with the changing price of gold our next manufactured lot may be at a higher trading cost. We may have a slight price increase (from ..25 cents to $1.00) at that time.  Be sure to buy before our prices increase.

What do I want for Christmas? No postal strike!!!

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