Will Ring Guards be Easy to Put on Myself?

All you need is a pair of pliers to bend the ring guard around the band. Once the ring guard is in place just bend the ring wrap to adjust the size. This ring guard video will show you exactly how to put on and adjust your ring size instantly. No downloading needed.  IT’S THAT EASY! Easy to remove as well. Anyone can do it!!

We also provide a static image guide to putting a ring guard on. Each step is a snap shot – from molding to tightening. Print it off and have it on hand when putting your ring guard on.

Our Jumbo Sized ring guards are a bit different to put on. You can find a “step by step” guide in images on a class rings on our site as well.

Tip: Be sure to “mold” the guard to your ring before tightening the arms. Put the guard in place on your ring shank and “press” down to take the shape of the band.

Tip: If you’re afraid of damaging the ring as you attach a ring guard, try wrapping it in soft cloth and use the pliers on the outside of the cloth when tightening the arms.

Tip: When the guard is in place “pinch” the arms down to secure it tightly.

Tip: Put your ring on your finger before “sizing”.  When you have your ring on, turn your hand palm up. With your finger  (of the other hand) “press upwards” on the strap that lays inside the band to tighten.