Jumbo Sized Ring Guards

jumbo ring guardIf your ring has an extra thick band you’ll be using a Jumbo sized ring guard.

Although the steps to applying the ring guard is the same, here is a helpful tip.

When “wrapping” the arms of the Jumbo ring guard, slightly angle the arms upwards, as shown.  Once you have the arm through the band, line it up so it wraps straight over the top of the band.

View the full Jumbo Ring Guard Instructions sheet for complete step by step image instructions.


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“Pushing up” on the ring guard band for a tighter fit.

ring sizingOnce your ring guard is on, and you have “pushed up” on the guard’s band, your ring is sized! You can now wear your cherished ring in confidence.

  • As time passes, the ring guard’s band may need to be “pushed” up to keep a tight fit.
  • If you find the arms of the band slipping be sure to tighten them by clamping down on the arms with your pliers (or tweezers) to keep it firmly in place.

As you can see in the image above – my ring was sized a full 2 sizes.  The ability to “re-size”, by pushing up on the ring guard’s band, is what makes our ring guard product so useful to those on a weight loss program.

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How a Ring Guard Sizes Your Ring

ring guard tipsPut your ring on your finger before “sizing”.  When you have your ring on, turn your hand palm up. With your finger  (of the other hand) “press upwards” on the strap that lays inside the band to tighten.

This easy but important step is what “sizes” your ring to fit better after passing the knuckle.

You can see this step clearly in our 50 second  youtube video as step 4.

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Ring Guard Tip

ring sizeWhen you first get your ring guard you may think it looks dainty.  Do not worry, it was made to bend! One of the reasons the product is “gold filled” (g/f) is to add strength and pliability so it can be “molded” to the shape of your ring’s band.

When you apply the guard, mold it to the shape of your ring by “pinching” it as shown in the image.

This  simple tip will make the arms much easier to wrap around your ring.

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Holiday Shopping has Started!

It’s true! This past weekends sales made a huge jump. The holidays are on their way and I am happy to say it seems many will get a special RING this season.

Shhhh, don’t let on that you know but be sure to order your ring guards soon to be sure they arrive on time. We ask for 5-14 business days for items to arrive.

Our prices will remain the same during the holidays but with the changing price of gold our next manufactured lot may be at a higher trading cost. We may have a slight price increase (from ..25 cents to $1.00) at that time.  Be sure to buy before our prices increase.

What do I want for Christmas? No postal strike!!!

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Staying in touch

allIt’s important to keep in touch with customers and we’re trying a number of ways to be available.

If you look to the right sidebar you can find links to our social networks as well as our main websites.

We are a “green aware” company and use recycled materials in our packaging (not hard plastic or bulky cardboard). We have had over 20,000 satisfied customers and look forwarding to including you as one.

  • Our ring guards are 14 k gold filled – not metal or plastic.
  • Ring size adjusters come in either white or yellow gold.
  • 4 different ring size adjusters available for a larger range of rings types.
  • Ships using standard mail – saving money and packaging costs for our customers
  • 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked!
  • Does not send out bulk emails or provides your info to those who do.
  • Uses paypal as our online merchant for your protection.

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