ring slips

Ring Guards come in 4 Sizes – Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo Sized.

ring guards


Small size ring guards are best for childrens rings, or very thin banded womens rings.



men ring guard


Medium size ring guards are best for a thick banded women’s rings and regular men’s rings.



large ring guard

Large size ring guards are best for a thick banded men’s ring or to join a wedding band with engagement ring.



ring too big

Jumbo size ring guards are best for class rings with thick bands.



It is hard to be able to provide exact sizing as each ring has a different width, depth and girth. The “arms” of the ring guard must wrap around the band to be secure.  If the arms wrap too much it will be uncomfortable.  We provide the best solutions we can to our customers:

1) Mixed packs are available – 1 of each size (except jumbo) or

2) Upgrade special pricing – If you order the wrong size you can either return it for a refund and reorder the size you need OR you can pay our “upgrade” price (just email us what size you need to upgrade to for a special payment link) which not only saves you additional post – it will be mailed much sooner.